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Unfortunately not. NavSherpa partnership is exclusive for NAV partners.
We would be happy to suggest one of our partners to be your subcontractor.

There are only few formal steps:

a) Fill in partner contact form
b) Our partner account manager will contact you asap
c) Next you will sign "NDA agreement" and "Distributor Agreement"
d) To meet "Partner Readiness" is not difficult (check below)
e) We should also agree a "Business Plan"

Not a big deal, right?

Note: NavSherpa partnership is exclusive to NAV partners only.

This is tricky question... :-) The answer is yes even this scenario is not prefered.

We would be able to deliver license directly to your customer and do basic setup of NavSherpa. This could be done only once (your first project).

Next project will require to become a NavSherpa partner.

The easiest way is to fill in a form for customers including contacts to your current Dynamics NAV service partner and your location (country). We would try to contact the partner first and suggest him to become NavSherpa partner.

If your current Dynamics partner would not wish to become NavSherpa partner we would suggest the closest partner in your region.

This would be definitely Dynamics NAV partner who became NavSherpa reseller and has been trained to deliver NavSherpa solution.

NavSherpa has "perpetual licensing" as well as "subscription" pricing.

Please, fill in a form for partners or for customers for more information.

NavSherpa is licensed with a license key generated for each individual customer (NAV license) and includes following mandatory information:

a) NAV License Number (VOICE account number)
b) NavSherpa Edition (number of named users and sites)
c) License Type (perpetual or subscription)
d) Direct customer's e-mail (the key is sent by email to a customer)
e) Partner's e-mail (this email will be in copy)

First of all NavSherpa was designed not to be complicated. We also worked hard to prepare appropriate documentation and training materials.

Your NavSherpa team should include:
a) sales representative (responsible for creating business opportunities)
b) pre-sale consultant - could be same person as in a)
c) NAV developer (receive technical training including SharePoint basics)

In total we are talking about 1 day training.

NavSherpa Named Users are registered on the fly with their first writing operation. Users who only display NavSherpa content do not need NavSherpa User license.

NavSherpa writing operations:
* Document upload
* Change of metadata
* Documents deletion
* Workflow starting-up
* Automated Library Creation
* etc.

NavSherpa viewers can display:
* NavSherpa tree
* Library Insight
* Workflow Status

A new user would not be able to do any writing operation when a number of NavSherpa Users reached licensed quantity. 


Try our A-Z dictionary with reference to whitepapers.

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