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Multifunctional FactBox SmartTree allows you to upload documents to SharePoint directly from the NAV record card. It automatically assigns metadata and creates entities according to its location. Documents are displayed in an organized and easily understandable structure Library / Template / Document.

Documents can also be easily filtered by entering a part of the file name into the text box. You can also use the Drag&Drop feature to upload a document to the SmartTree. NavSherpa allows for each type of content to set which metadata are required and will delay processing of the document until the metadata are complete.  

Library Insight

Library Insight is a new FastTab with a full-featured embedded SharePoint document library web browser. The content of the displayed library is automatically filtered according to the record in the NAV tab. It uses SharePoint View, therefore it is easily customizable for user needs.

Within Library Insight, the user can use all standard features of SharePoint list views such as filtering, sorting, grouping, etc. The document can be displayed directly from NAV in an external browser or editor. 

Metadata Entity Management

Invisible but the most important NavSherpa feature was designed to automatically create user records in tabs (entities), fill metadata, create a relation between entities and attach them to documents. The unique cascade entity creation system ensures the automatic creation of all necessary interconnected records.

The user only chooses a location in NAV where the document is to be saved and NavSherpa will take care of the rest. This eliminates the risk of error in metadata input and saves a considerable amount of time working with documents. 

Automated Library Creation

With this feature, you can deploy the DMS into NAV within hours - you do not even need a SharePoint expert. Configure the desired library and metadata structure in NAV and press the button. NavSherpa connects to SharePoint and configures the document storage for you. The same function can be used with lists.

Does it seem too easy? That's exactly what our goal was! 

Workflow Management

Workflow Management (sometimes referred to as Business Process Management) allows you to start the approval process by submitting an application to SharePoint and to automatically update the request status in a special FactBox. The NAV user can see the approval status of all requests in the record tab from where they were sent.


Cloud Ready

NavSherpa can use SharePoint Online, which is a part of Office 365, as storage. Additionally, so-called hybrid installations can be used – some documents are stored in on-premise storage and others in the cloud. For the NAV user it makes no difference. NavSherpa can also utilize Microsoft cloud environment to enable your customers or vendors easily exchange data and processes with your local NAV system.

Last but not least NavSherpa is compatible with the NAV web client and it runs in web browsers which support HTML5.

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